MAYOR Mike Rama: “Better roads in 100 days.”

That’ll pave the way to a better future?

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Gov. Gwen Garcia’s party flexes muscle.

It is throwing its weight around.


Local officials expect PNoy to deliver.

In the same manner that they delivered the votes for him?


President Aquino: A nation where “It all works.”

It always worked-–but then it was for the worse.


Truth commission tackled in Cabinet meeting.

If the commission will have a theme song, it won’t be Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”---you know, “Lie, la-lie, lie, la-lie...”


Chief Justice Renato Corona attends President Noy’s inauguration.

He was there just in case the assigned justice to lead the oath failed to come?


Palace: Kris's problem should be dealt with privately.

The problem is that Kris is making it public.


Gloria Arroyo takes oath as congresswoman.

She’ll have to get used to being called “Representative” henceforth.


Teach tax education: official.

Like sex, tax is as important.


Lawmaker advocates welfare of day care workers.

These workers deserve a good night like the rest of us.