THERE was an overflow of optimism and enthusiasm during the oath-taking of President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” C. Aquino III last Wednesday.

The promise to do the best he can for the republic littered Aquino’s inaugural speech and the thousands of his audience that came from all walks of life savored the commitment with affirmation.

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In a politically-charged atmosphere, such as what appeared to obtain during the event at the Luneta, the determination to succeed is so powerful it could only have been subdued by the quiet apprehension that descends on the celebrant later.

That this republic has long been wanting of true political leadership is a given.

That the Filipino masses have long been hoping that such political messiah should suddenly appear in the gloomy political landscape is a reality.

The suddenly, by the accident of the death of a forebear, Noynoy was forced into the scene, perhaps reluctantly, but destiny took over.

And so he has become the new president of the republic.


All eyes, not only of this country but also of other nations, are therefore focused on the new regime.

We have become a country in the hands of a committed young leadership that is now starting to beg for support from the people.

Will PNoy succeed or fail?

If he succeeds, the fulfillment of a long-held dream by a people who have been clawing on raw soil seeking for the hard ground on which to stand on would have been PNoy’s crowning glory.

If he fails, if none of what he promised and vowed will be accomplished, what then?

It’s an awesome food for thought!

People’s will

In his inaugural speech, President Noy made it clear that he was there, standing before the people, not by his own will but by the will of those who made his presidency possible.

Therefore, he has vowed to consult the people for everything he plans to do over the next six years of his term.

As the people supported his mother before him, he also expects them to stand by him and see that he succeeds in making this nation what he believes it should be, what it ought to be.

And so, if ever he fails, his failure will not be his alone but also of the people who had supported him.

It is a commitment he has made before God and the Filipinos.