A UNITED States-based company is eyeing expansion with the information technology boom in Cebu.

“More call centers are being put up here in Cebu, and these centers, including the old ones, are adapting to the VOIP technology which Cordia is offering,” said Kevin Griffo, president of Cordia Corp.

Cordia is a global communications provider of traditional wireline and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technologies that caters to residential, small businesses and Cebu’s call centers.

With its increasing number of clients and employees in the country, it is planning to expand its facilities and network in the

Philippines in the next couple of years, said Griffo.

Cordia currently employs 300 people, half of whom are based in Cebu.


Set up in Cebu four years ago, Cordia is one of the few VOIP providers that have a contact center, direct sales office and a technical support team in Cebu.

In the Philippines, Hongkong and Brazil, Cordia has sales, operations and call center facilities for its local and international


Griffo said its local presence and local support give it an edge over the other providers in Cebu.

Cordia offers its services to more than 45 countries.

“Awareness about our services has become better for the past months as can be seen in our increasing sales for the past 12 months,” said Griffo.

Cordia has thousands of subscribers for its unlimited calling plan and is servicing more than 50 call centers nationwide, according to Irish Gemarino, manager of Cordia Philippines.

The Unlimited Global Plan offers unlimited landline and mobile calling to 50 countries. Its Power dial is offered to call centers for low rates on calling to countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.