TWO weeks ago, I was among the fortunate journalists all over the country to receive an invitation from Mega Manila’s reigning TV network GMA-7 to join them in the celebration of their 60th year of serving the Filipinos in the Philippines and overseas through the delivery of premium quality television shows and quality, evidence-based news.

On day one, I attended a Grand Press Launch of GMA-7’s freshest cinenovela, none other than a remake of Mars Ravelo’s Trudis Liit to storm everybody’s afternoon.

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Later that day, I had a casual sit-down talk with the giant network’s president, Atty. Felipe Guzon. Brimming with adrenaline and enthusiasm, Atty. Guzon shared a brief anecdote of the network’s struggle and rise to the number one spot. He also disclosed some information on the network’s plan of expansion in the near future to include the establishment of a satellite regional station in Cagayan de Oro city.

Day two was probably the most unforgettable experience as I was given the chance of setting a foot on all the network’s studios. From the various control rooms to the different studio sets and news rooms, I was given a guided tour and the opportunity of seeing myself on a simulated broadcast just like newscasters or anchor men when they deliver their news on national television. Off course, I ceased the moment and exploited the chance of taking pictures of myself during the entire tour especially when I was on ‘simulated air’.

The tour was punctuated with a luncheon interview with one of the network’s most reputable news anchor men, Mike Enriquez. From there on I learned that one of the success secrets of GMA-7 in the field of news reporting was that they dwelled heavily on “evidence-based journalism” and that the network continuously invests millions of pesos in research just to come up with reliable data that best serves public interests.

Later that night, together with the regional press, we marched and filled the Araneta Coliseum to watch the celebration of the network’s 60th year of glory in the Philippine television industry. Honestly speaking, I have never seen so many ôstarsö on the same occasion in my entire life. I was star struck!

I love the experience. Thank you GMA-7. Thank Mam Barbs. More power! (