The Philippine National Police (PNP) reminded off-duty cops or policemen in civilian attire that they are not still allowed to carry firearms in public despite the lifting of the election gun ban.

"Only those with permit to carry firearms are allowed to carry firearms while in civilian attire," said Davao City Police Office Director Rene Aspera.

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He said there was a memorandum order recently issued by PNP Chief Director General Jesus Verzosa that clearly states such restriction.

The policy covers even members of the police and military who are off-duty, Aspera added.

He also said that the latest memorandum order limited the number of firearms to be licensed to civilians.

The civilians, he said, are no longer allowed to possess high-powered firearms.

Aspera warned that anyone caught without the corresponding permit issued by the firearms and explosive division of the PNP may face illegal possession of firearms, an offense specified in the Revised Penal Code. (BOT)