THREE La Trinidad-based karatekas outshone their rivals to earn medals in the 5th SKA Invitational Tournament held at the Pasay Sports Complex, Pasay City recently.

Philippine Traditional Karate Federation La Trinidad chapter president Miller Quintin Jr. in an e-mailed message said three players of the PTKF-Japan Karate Association garnered medals during the tournament sponsored by the Shotokan Karate Academy (SKA) Philippines.

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Jonathan Corton earned a silver medal while Fitzmurphy Quintin earned a bronze both in the individual adult male "kumite". Together with Dave Satur, they also earned a silver medal in the team "kumite". The adult male category involved players 18 to 39 years old with no differentiation as to weight or belt rank.

These three players represented the PTKF National Headquarters which is based in the Municipality of La Trinidad. The athletes were coached by Sensei Herman Pelingen, Assistant Chief Instructor of the PTKF, and Sensei Teofano Daniel Pinas, instructor of the La Trinidad-LGU branch of the PTKF.

Meanwhile, Sensei Ruben Tinda-an, the chief instructor of the Shin-Shin Karatedo which is also based in La Trinidad, earned top spot in the Senior Category in "kata" or forms competition.

Other PTKF-La Trinidad players who participated are Adelaine Traqueña and Jacob Cabading.

The JKA rules allow minimal protective gear to be used in its "kumite" or sparring competition. Allowed to be used are thin mitts and gum shields, no head gear and no body pads. The rules center more on the principle of the "one killing blow" over the multiple point system of the WKF.

Every two years the SKA presents a shobbu-ippon karate competition showcasing the best Shotokan practitioners in the country.

As a tradition, the best player who wins in both Men's Individual Kumite and Men's Individual Kata will be acknowledged as "Grand Champion."

This year's Grand Champion was awarded the Jerome Logan Memorial Cup. The team with the best medal tally was awarded the SKA Chairman's Cup.

Other events are Children's Kata, Team/Synchronized Kata, Men's Team Kumite, Women's Individual Kata, Women's Individual Kumite, Seniors' Individual Kata and Seniors' Individual Kumite.