MANY are still confused with the real score between Melissa Ricks and Jake Cuenca, after news circulated that the duo broke up.

The talks came after Melissa was reportedly linked to co-star Jolo Revilla.

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When asked for his side on the issue, Jake said he and Melissa are friends.

He also did not confirm or deny his relationship with the young actress.

He added that there's nothing wrong if people saw them together because they are friends and they sometimes go out.

He dismissed news that they are not talking to each other. In fact, Melissa was able to meet the actor's family for a couple of times.

"Yung family ko sobrang boto kasi ang bait nya. Isa sya sa mga rason kung bakit ako masaya ngayon," he said.

On Melissa's part, she hopes that news like this will just eased down because they are not hiding anything from the public. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)