THE country's popular ready-to-drink (RTD) green tea, C2 Green Tea, is now spreading Pinoy taste around the globe.

"Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is proud that this Filipino-made product has penetrated markets in other countries," said Edwin Totanes, URC's VP and business unit general manager for RTD beverages.

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Since its introduction in the market, C2 has become a popular drink among Filipinos. Its seven flavors are now preferred thirst-quenchers as people pair them with almost any type of food, or just drink them on their own.

As C2 advocates an active lifestyle, people can be seen conveniently carrying re-sealable bottles almost everywhere they go: schools, offices, gyms, malls and houses. C2 even comes in a 1.5 liter bottle that's ideal for a small group or party.

Suffice to say, C2 has become the drink of choice for many. Its delectable taste, array of variants (including sugar free) and the fact that it is brewed from 100 percent natural tea leaves and bottled on the same day cemented its position in the Philippine market as the healthy and refreshing RTD green tea.

C2 began to widen its reach in 2006, introducing its authentic green tea taste to Vietnam. The tea-drinking country went gaga over the delectable beverage, with skyrocketing sales over the past three years.

Demand has been so strong that URC put up its first C2 line outside the Philippines, in Vietnam, and expanded production in 2009. C2 is now the market leader in ready-to-drink tea in Ho Chi Minh.

Within the region, C2 is now readily available in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia as well. And through URC's export division, C2 has tapped more than 20 countries across the globe including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, South Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom and Cyprus, making C2 a favored drink not only of Filipinos, but of other nationalities as well. Its aim is to give the world a beverage that best fits today's dynamic, on-the-go and health-conscious lifestyle.

Reaching as far as the North American market, URC made it possible for foreigners to get a taste of premium RTD green tea that's 100 percent Pinoy.

Today, the Filipinos are being joined by other countries in attesting to the quality taste and refreshment that C2 provides. The favorite bottled drink has truly come a long way from its roots in the Philippines to spread the joy of living a cool and clean life all over the world. (PR)