THE long wait is over. The inauguration of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III on June 30 at the Quirino Grandstand marked another historic event, another hope for the nation.

An estimated crowd of 500,000 attended the inauguration with nothing but hope and faith. President Noynoy promised change and the Filipinos are starting to claim it.

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We listened to his speech delivered in Filipino. He firmly said, "Kayo ang boss ko", referring to all Filipinos.

He underscored change and now he has the power to make it happen. New governance with full accountability and credibility is what we hope for. Now is the time to fulfill every promise he made during campaign.

He gave out promises and spoke about change during campaigns. This is because campaign needs promises. And new governance requires fulfillment of these promises. But the government needs people to work with them.

Thus, Filipinos must know their role in the advancement of the nation.

The advent of a new administration does not signify absolute change in our lives. It will only be if we immerse ourselves for a cause -- to help the country grow along with the new government. The growth still starts within us, not with the new leaders.

We can start now. We can make the change. We can help the new administration.