NEWLY appointed City Information Office (CIO) department head Rizal "Bong" Aportadera vowed to "improve the City Government's channel of information to the local media, among the offices, and the public."

Aportadera said Davao Mayor Sara Duterte's marching order to him was "to take the CIO one step further, disseminating information of the projects of the local government down to the ground level."

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He added the mayor ordered it because she is tired of hearing about complaints on their performance in services delivery.

"She just wants to get everybody to tow the line, everybody in one straight line. We agree in what she's asking that 'is this the best we can give? Or we could do more?' We can give more, we can do more. She expects that we should not limit ourselves," he added.

Aportadera detailed how he would revamp the CIO into a more dynamic city department adding there would be observations with the staff if they are insufficient in number or their performance is not maximized.

Aportadera said Duterte specifically ordered him to improve the CIO's media forum.

"She wants it that the information could come directly from us to the media and to the people. Medyo challenging siya kung isipon na nimo that we have to really go to the ground level but I am thinking of improving ang channels of giving information such as the I-Speak media forum and Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa. We are also looking at giving out press releases ourselves," he said.

"Maam Inday personally said she wants to make herself available, to be a part of I-Speak na you can directly as question to her. We are aiming that we can actually disclose information of what are the developments on the delivery of social services from day to day. I'd really want to create a (CIO) that's the source of everything. After conferring with (former CIO department head Alex Roldan) we recognized that there have been several constraints, such as the budget," he said.

Aportadera said he will be reporting to Duterte on July 15 an extensive plan for the CIO.

He said for the city-paid show Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa (GMPM), they plan to produce it themselves that mean buying their own equipment adding that they will also make an assessment that they could buy something cheaper with delivery- and broadcast-quality output.

He also said that the GMPM would also have improvements adding they will focus in showing the people that the government is working for them.

"It won't be just that we react to issues there would be focus on reaching out to the public what the government is doing for them," he added. (Jade C. Zaldivar)