WHILE Mrs. Arroyo is “blessed” with her friendship and alliance with Governor Pineda who sees to GMA’s wellbeing and rapport with local leaders, the former President is fortunate to have an “adopted” son in Rep. Dong Gonzales (3rd Dist.)

Dong was an ordinary Board Member before 2007 when the Arroyo family took him virtually as a political adopted son. With the President’s blessings, he became a Congressman.

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Mrs. Arroyo, it seems, has a special ability in developing her favorite people’s loyalty and trust, in Dong specially, who has never turned his back on his godmother. These fine traits have also endeared him to the people of the District.

Dong, with typical Kapampangan gallantry, continues to demonstrate proof that President Arroyo was not mistaken when she invested her goodwill and support to Gonzales. He’s now a rising top political leader after a resounding victory for his reelection. Apart from his own political savvy, his charismatic leadership, and sustained good performance, his outstanding and high impact projects were owed to the encouragement and support of his fairy godmother.

His good fortune and success in two elections highlighted his victory party last Sunday (June 27). Hundreds of barangay leaders and core group of campaigners converged in his barangay Anao residence for a whole day of fun and hoopla. A thanksgiving mass was followed by a myriad of entertainment from movie and TV celebrities. Newly minted Board Member Trina Dizon was observed to have prayed the hardest and longest in gratitude to the lawmaker’s enormous support to her candidacy.

His special guests included Sta. Ana officials and barangay leaders and farmers who thanked Gonzales for building a bridge that has been serving town residents and adjoining municipalities as well as for various projects in that area, a known bailiwick of CSF Mayor Oca Rodriguez.

Many others came from Mexico, Arayat and Bacolor where he is adored as Father of the Bacolor Rehabilitation Bill. In addition, he had converted the erstwhile local trade school as a full-fledged technological University. These are believed to be a long lasting political investment.


As our cabalen praised Dong’s remarkable loyalty to his patron, now Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, local residents admired Bacolor Mayor Jomar Hizon for his sense of gratitude.

Jomar came out openly to express the collective appreciation and a lasting recognition of his constituents to Rep. Gonzales for his epic Rehabilitation Law and the conversion of the former DHVCAT into a university.

Mayor Hizon’s outward manifestation of gratitude – certainly an inherited trait from the nobility of his mother, Dona Lolita, was in the act of taking his oath-of-office before the 3rd District lawmaker.

Such courtesy shown by Jomar to the congressman underscored his fine breeding, a rare act during these times of opportunities and political turncoatism.

It is a classic act, too, of Jomar’s political good sense. Now Rep. Gonzales remains doubly committed to make his landmark measure his continuing concern. The future progress and social stability in his town has really taken off.

With Mayor Hizon as his strong and able partner in Bacolor’s rehabilitation, Cong. Gonzales continues to entrench himself as a respected Adopted Son of that municipality.

We congratulate the new mayor for having his dream of serving in public office come true. All the best wishes and finest greetings to this worthy leader are brilliant rays that in a prism, reflect and are refocused to Dona Lolita and Jun Hizon for a raising a good son, an exciting new leader in the making.

* * *

Still on Rep. Gonzales, who was seen taking his oath of office before Sen. Loren Legarda. Such simple act of honoring and remembering Loren sourced out her immense barrel funds to the lawmaker who in turn, translated her support to concrete and visible projects in his District and in the province as well.

In choosing the losing vice presidential bet to swear him to office, Dong expressed the Kapampangan’s gratitude to the hapless senator who is well-loved in Pampanga. She keeps topping her rivals in any of her campaigns in the province.

Grateful and loyal – these are Dong’s traits that had made him an exceptional and natural leader. He stands four-square in the frontline service to Mrs. Arroyo’s advocacies always, the Queen’s best servant but Pampanga’s first.