"I WILL not settle for being better, but to be the best Mayor of City of Himamaylan," a strong statement of Mayor Tinto Bascon in his inauguration rites.

Bascon said he will strongly push for the implementation of the list of programs that will benefit his city.

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Among these programs is the strengthening of educational services in the city; to lower down of the average grades of the city scholars; to fully support the programs of West Visayas University - Himamaylan campus; continue the implementation of free education for elementary and high school students and assist Day Care Centers, among others.

Bascon also stressed that since sports is very close to his heart, he will impose a stronger 'sports support program' with the inclusion of summer training workshop and holding of series of sports competitions to enhance the youngsters talents.

Moreover, his administration will further develop the city's tourism industry but strengthen its programs on environment protection. Also, besides creating jobs through the tourism industry, other income-generating projects like training in manicure and pedicure, food processing, accessories and fertilizers making, as well as the creation of the cooperatives and prolong microfinance will be pushed.

Bascon is likewise inclined to toughen the delivery of basic services and build a better and stronger infrastructure projects, like constructing more farms to market roads, additional classrooms, covered courts and invite more investors to maximize the city's potential for banks, commercial establishments and commercial port.

Some more programs that he will implement are improving the water services, electrification, health services and cultural affairs.(Jerome S. Galunan Jr.)