Vivian M. Calvo

THERE are windows in this world that enable us to see life in different ways…..

Hmmm…It has already been five long years. I could still remember that one hot afternoon during my high school days.

I was sitting on the rocky side of the river beneath the acacia tree, listening to the song of birds while watching the crystal flow of water in front of me. There were lots of grass and plants around me. Butterflies and lilies in the distance.

Behind me were tall and big tress. Serenity…! What a wonderful creation.

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A beautiful and rich place for a drowning heart Suddenly …out of nowhere …an innocent-good looking boy stood before me, and asked my name. I hated him for disturbing the tranquility, but when I lay my eyes on him… I felt something different. It seemed that I had already met him, long before that day. He was Ace, the son of a distinguished businessman in our place.

A simple and happy-go-lucky person with a lot of dignity and confidence…a humble and friendly guy…my new friend.

Ace, from that moment, became my buddy and my very close friend. We shared our secrets and laughed at our mischief.

Together, we developed a bond that lasted almost four years…Yes, it was almost four years that Ace and I did things together. Mountain adventure fishing, swimming, playing sports and musical instruments, drawing and spider-hunting became our daily routine. With him, I found the spirit of companionship, the importance of friendship and the fear of being alone.

Perhaps, it was because he was always there for me during my troubles and failures…He always helped me solve my problems, comforting and understanding me. He always did things for me.

He always did me favors. He always gave …and gave, but he never received anything from me.

At first …I thought I was fine….but several months passed and I was already becoming more greedy and selfish, shallow and insensitive. My pride grew and grew…And there were conflicts…and problems, until our friendship no longer worked out. It reached the point that our friendship was no more. It was all because of me. I was not afraid of losing him, believing that there would be more friends who would come…I never allowed him to fix our problem. There were times that he would go to our house, but I refused to face him. I even let him see how I destroyed the teddy bear that he gave me. Never did I accept his apology even though I know now that it was my fault and not his. Never…until one night…when his cousin went to our house and told us that Ace had an accident

We rushed to the hospital, but it was too late….Ace was already gone. He left me without saying goodbye…He left without hearing me say ”Ace, you are already forgiven.”

I wept, not because I lost someone who was willing to give me everything, but because I lost someone who really cared for me, a great and loving friend. I’ve regretted it but it’s already too late……he no longer hears me.

With Ace, I learned the value of giving and sacrificing, the effects of pride and the real essence of friendship.