DAGUPAN CITY – “Return to mother units” is one of the marching orders issued by City Mayor Benjamin Lim on July 1 when he assumed office, citing the recall of all City Government service vehicles to the General Services Office.

Lim said the return-to-mother unit order is in line with his administration’s plan “to put into effect top to bottom inventory of the human resources component; while the recall of service vehicles was for proper inspection and inventory”.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

These government vehicles are now parked at the city plaza.

In regular Monday flag raising ceremony program, Lim further issued reminders to the City Government employees.

“Please do your best,” he told the department heads.

“Never think of undermining this administration because if you do so, I will no longer be soft to you. I will definitely show you how hard it is to deal with the city mayor if you think of doing that to me again,” he warned.

“Hindi pupuwede yong palakasan sa akin. Hindi yong porke malapit kay mayor ay puwede na. Please do your job and I assure you, you will be compensated fairly. For those who will not, im sorry to say, you better shape up or be shipped out,” he remarked.

The members of the Barangay Health Workers (BHW) organization were not spared.

Lim said it is about time for a re-organization for better leadership and better organization.

He said part of his plan is to give more training to the BHWs, and to give them more compensation for as long as they do their job.

“In my coming back as mayor for the next three years, I assure you that will make even more to ensure that our city shall be more livable to our constituents. Of course, all of the things that we wanted to do cannot be achieved without the help of everybody,” he stated.

“Hindi na puwede yong business as usual sa Dagupan City. Hindi na puwedeng slogan lang tayo ng slogan. We need to do something about our environment, about our garbage, about the traffic, law and order. Most especially, we need to do something to create a better atmosphere for more investments and more job opportunities for the Dagupenos,” the mayor added.

In the couple of weeks, he said, the private sector will be invited to join the city officials to a visioning exercise. The objective is to plan out what are intended to do for Dagupan in the next 20 to25 years.

“This is not because I intend to stay for the next 20-25 years as mayor. What is important is that all of us should come up with what we intend to achieve for Dagupan so that henceforth, whoever it will be the official of Dagupan Cty shall follow the framework that we have set up for the city for the next generation, next decade,” Lim said. (LCMY/Sunnex)