DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte formally endorsed her appointed city department heads and urged them to perform at their best in delivering services.

"How you serve the public speaks of how the local government performs," Duterte told officials of the city departments.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

"I told them the same thing I told the police. Kung naay mureklamo bahin sa inyong opisina tanawon nato ang ilang performance (If there would be complaints against you office we will look at your performance)," Duterte said.

The boss

The city's chief executive, the youngest ever, also did not hesitate to make it clear who is boss.

"Ana ko nga duha ang boss sa inyong tao (ako ug kamo). Sila ang boss sa ilang opisina pero kung naay puy mureklamo sa inyong opisina mulingi pud ko sa ilaha (I told them the people in your office has two bosses, me and the chief. They are the boss in their office but if anyone would complain I too will look at them)," Duterte said.

She assured the department heads that she will not interfere with how a City Hall office is ran for as long as she does not get complaints from the people.

First month

Duterte said the first month of her administration will focus on the improvement of each office, starting with assessing how they perform and how they can improve.

She ordered for each department to submit to her the assessment of their office's performance and their recommendations. She would look into these and expects to finish "the assessment phase" within her first month.

Productive Monday

Duterte also expressed how she wants that every Monday should be the working day with the most work done.

"As much as possible kung wala ko naka-leave sa city, mag flag-raising gyud ko unya trabaho na dayon (if I am not on-leave I will attend the flag raising activity every Monday and then I'll go straight to work)" Duterte said.

"The department heads meeting will continue every Monday but I would only join if I see it necessary, as much as possible I will do directly to my office kay akong trabaho is tigdawat sa mga tao nga naay kinahanglan sa city (because my job is to receive the people who needs something from the city government)" she said.

When asked if what she aims is to lead by example, Duterte said she did not perceive it this way.

"I don't (see it that way) kay kanya-kanya man gyud ug personality ang tao pag-abot sa trabaho. Direction lang gyud ang akoa (people have different personalities when it comes to do their work mine is just to give the direction)" she said.

Department heads

As of Monday, four changes have been made on the city departments.

Duterte has formally announced that lawyer Zuleika Lopez will be the City Administrator; Jason Magnaye will sit as the assistant city administrator for operations; heading the Investment and Promotion Center (IPC) under the City Administrator's Office.

Roberto Alabado will sit as the department head of the City Planning and Development Office, while former City Councilor Leonardo Avila III will sit "in the first few days" as the officer-in-charge (OIC) of the City Agriculturist's Office.

Other heads of departments are as follows: Erwin Alparaque will remain as the assistant city administrator for administration; Francisco Valez, OIC of the Economic Enterprise Office under the City Administrator's Office; Rizalina Justol as City Accountant; lawyer Cesar Dataya as the City Assessor; Yolanda Tablizo as OIC of the City Budget Office; lawyer Leo Anthony Braceros as City Civil Registrar; Engineer Jaime Adalin, OIC, City Cooperative & Development Office; Engineer Jocelyn Espina, OIC, City Environment and Natural Resources;

Lawyer Jessie Melodias as OIC of the City General Services Office; Dr. Josephine Villafuerte, City Health Officer; Laperacion Daplin as city government head II of the Human Resource and Management Office; lawyer Osmunso Villanueva as OIC of the City Legal Office; Margarito dela Cruz as Secretary to City Council; Malou Bermudo as head of operations of the City Social Services and Development Office; Rodrigo Riola as the City Treasurer; and Dr. Armando Barbadillo as the City Veterinarian.

Division Offices

Bong Aportadera was announced to become Information Officer of the Public Information and Production Division, replacing former Information Officer Alex Roldan.

The City Tourism Office (CTO), which Aportadera heads will be merged with the IPC, but this is yet to be formalized. Aportadera for the meantime will also be the OIC of the CTO.

Meanwhile, Lorna Mandin is the OIC of the Integrated Gender and Development Office; lawyer Jhopee Agustin the OIC of the Business Bureau; Roy Rigor as OIC of the Barangay Cultural Community and Affairs.

Also, Aida Bontia is OIC of Correspondence and Records; Norma Alajar as the City Librarian; Christian Avance¤a, OIC of the Communication Division; Engr. Ricarte Franco, OIC of the City Information Technology Center; and Christopher Lawrence Go as OIC of the City Sports and Development Division. (JCZ)