CONCERT King Martin Nievera is proud to announce that he is a stage father after his son, Robin, was picked to be a finalist in MYX VJ search of 2010.

Martin, who has been in the music industry almost half of his life, is thankful that his son is taking the path he loves - music and hosting.

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While the young Nievera is taking his first big stint in showbiz, Martin said that at first their children do not want to do things he and Pops did.

“They try to do something else, he has a different genre in music which is different from ours and he is very good with his craft," Martin said.

Robin auditioned to be part of the MYX VJ finalist without asking any help from his mom and dad. He just told them that he will be part of the show when everything is final.

Martin continued that he is voting Robin through text every so often and he is willing to be a stage father if his son permits him to do so.

"When he needs me to be a stage father I will gladly do so but if not, I'm also fine with it. But I am a stage father," he added.

When asked for his advice to his son, the "Twist and Shout" host said he tries to tell him not to be brutally honest and not everyone will get his jokes.

But he is confident that win or lose, Robin will emerge a better person with the experience he is taking.

"He joined the competition because of his love for music more than the popularity. He's really after the fun, music, sharing and to use his talent to inspire and entertain other," Martin said. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)