THE Computer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines (Comddap) will hold a three-day expo in Cebu to bring technology closer to consumers.

The 12th Comddap Cebu Expo, dubbed “This is I.T!” will run from July 16 to 18 at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall. It will have 45 exhibitors.

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Big companies like Canon Marketing (Phils) Inc., CBX Corp., Microsoft Philippines Inc. and Wordtext Systems Inc. will participate in the event.


Comddap vice president Salvador “Bing” Latrilla said holding another regional expo will allow Comddap members to offer the latest information technology (IT) products directly to consumers.

He said this year’s Cebu expo will be joined mostly by local exhibitors, “an indication of how technology does well in the local area.”

He said only five or six exhibitors are from Manila.

“This will definitely be a huge event, especially since IT products will have discounts of up to 70 percent,” he said.

3D initiative

Aside from inviting Cebuanos to the three-day expo, the group also encouraged IT-skilled Cebuanos to join the organization’s 3D Philippines Initiative (3DPi), which aims to create a 3D virtual world of the Philippines.

Latrilla said this advocacy aims to develop a usable 3D model of the Philippines on Google Earth that will benefit the country’s different sectors like corporate, government and education.

He said this initiative will allow communities to create shared information and resources for community awareness, disaster response and coordination, as well as security and tourism.

“This is very easy with the needed applications, such as the Google SketchUp available on the Web. Anybody can do a 3D model of his building, school, house and restaurant and upload this to Google,” Latrilla said.

He said creating a 3D virtual model of a city, for example, can help spur economic activities as it can assist investors on the best locations for their businesses and give an ample view of the country’s historical spots and other tourist destinations. It can also help local government officials design security and crime-prevention plans.

Comddap has partnered with the Commission on Information and Communications Technology for this advocacy and has also jumpstarted the project through 3DPi SketchUP, a model your campus on Google Earth competition, and the 3DPi MatchUP, a competition to model Philippine heritage sites on Google Earth (GE).

Though the organization uses Goggle applications, Latrilla stressed that Comddap is not in a partnership with Google.


The contests were launched during the Comddap Expo in Manila last year. The contests are still open to all GE enthusiasts, schools and universities nationwide. Interested applicants may submit their entries to 3DPI’s Facebook account.

Aside from this, the upcoming expo will have other events, such as an LCD and Projector Gallery displaying top-of-the-line LDC monitor and projector brands.

The Comddap Cebu Expo in 2008 generated revenues of about P16 million. The organization hopes to generate higher revenues this year.