TO ACCOMPLISH one of the many projects he promised in the first 100 days of office, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama is putting up a “new special force.”

Rama told reporters yesterday the City Government will buy 44 motorcycles for the use of the Cebu City Police Office,

which will assign men for a “Special 44 Motorcycle Force (S44MF).”

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

With the motorcycle force, Rama hopes to reduce crimes and improve the city’s peace and order situation.

“Unsa ma’y nahitabo kung bisan naningkamot ang mga police unya wa sila’y mga motor. I’m going to have that (police motors) kind of a set-up. Automatic na nga they will end up as a special group nga mag-sige’g tuyok-tuyok dinha sa dan aron kung naa’y snatcher, naa’y mogukod, naa’y ambush, naa’y mogukod (Policemen on motorbikes will be going around the city.

That way, they can easily go after snatchers and other criminal elements),” the mayor said.

Aside from the peace and order situation, Rama also pledged to address the city’s roads, drainage, garbage collection, traffic management, street lighting and health when he became mayor. He said these are the seven pillars of his first 100 days in office.

The purchase of the 44 police motorcycles, he said, will be included in the next supplemental budget (SB), which is yet to be finalized.

Funds to improve street lighting and the City Traffic Operations Management’s handling of traffic will be funded by the next SB.