MISAMIS Oriental Governor Oscar Moreno delivered the State of the Province Address (Sopa) Monday at the Provincial Capitol grounds urging to forget what has happened during the election.

"Let us forget what has happened in the last election because election is not for the person and for the party but for the people," Moreno said.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

While enumerating a long list of accomplishments, he vowed to continue focusing on his eight-point agenda. Moreno expressed a positive start for the Provincial Board with perfect attendance of its members, particularly the four opposition PB members.

"No matter what our political differences are, we must unite for a common cause by start doing the things we promised to our people during the campaign period and let us help each other in doing so to make our province and country better," Moreno said.

In the 7th Sopa since he assumed governor of the province in 2004, Moreno emphasized Misamis Oriental's revenue generation, investments in infrastructure, education and environment, poverty alleviation programs, agricultural productivity, sports development, hospital and health systems, citing the synergy of teamwork and streamlined bureaucracy in all these endeavors.

"Our programs and projects of bringing the government closer to the people have contributed to the income of the province. So I am thanking the stakeholders and other partners in development and urge them to continue to support on this effort," Moreno said.

He particularly mentioned the resuscitation of the Misamis Oriental Telephone (Misortel) System, which the Provincial Government has stopped subsidizing the payment of its debts since last year.

He said from P170 million when he assumed office, payables to toll interconnection providers of Misortel is reduced to P43.2 million as of May 2010.

Moreno also asked Misamisnons to blow their inherent talents, resources, keen observation and sense of innovation to realize the vision for the province.