THIS year will mark a major change for the south of Cebu, as South Park by Big Brother, a soon-to-rise commercial center, is set to serve the town of San Fernando.

A development by the Muntuerto Management Development Corp. (MMDC), the same company responsible for establishing the hardware and retail store Big Brother Home Depot in the town, MMDC is ready to embrace the future with a unique expansion geared towards creating a landmark in Panadtaran, San Fernando, Cebu, and the south in general.

South Park by Big Brotheris a commercial center that will serve as a cross between an arcade and a service area with provisions that not only cater to the local community, but to travellers as well.

Currently under construction, South Park is built to cater to small and middle-sizedenterprises looking into expansion in the fast developing South. A food court is also available for concessionaires and locators.

Aside from basic necessities, it will have banquet spaces and function halls for celebrating occasions and milestones. In its totality, South Park will also have rental apartments for local workers who are not from the area.

In light of this promising margin of progress, the massive industrial workforce population will now have a place for leisure and convenience.

South Park by Big Brother will be the new landmark in the South both for locals and tourists.

South Park by Big Brother is owned and operated by the MMDC. (PR)