A WIDE and comprehensive sports program is being eyed in La Trinidad for the next three years.

La Trinidad Mayor Gregorio Abalos underscored the need for a comprehensive sports development program during a weekly forum. Abalos’s vision is to make La Trinidad a producer of world class athletes aside from export quality vegetables

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“We are looking forward to producing other world class athletes in the likes of Hector Begeo. This is why we need to craft a comprehensive sports development plan for the municipality,” added Abalos.

Abalos cited the success of Manny Pacquiao in his victories in boxing adding that talent alone cannot win any competition unless aided by formal training and support.

“Like Pacquiao, many Filipinos have the talent and skills to become world champions but [the] lack of programs for sports development hampered our efforts to make waves in the world of sports,” Abalos added.

Abalos said the support of the private sector is key to comprehensive sports development in the country where talented individuals remain untapped. He said the country has so many Manny Pacquiaos who can excel in as many sports disciplines.

This would also mean the crafting of a resolution by the municipal council in its effort to institutionalize the sports program.

He also asked the municipal council to join hands and draft the municipal sports program “so that the best interests of the youth can be served through worthwhile sports activities.”

Abalos together with Vice Mayor Rogelio Salda said La Trinidad needs a more effective coordination and management so that there is a smarter prioritization and allocation of resources to be made available, keeping in mind that the sports sector should also be given priority.