TABUK CITY, Kalinga -- Vice Governor Allen Jesse Mangaoang listed five priorities he will tackle when he sits as chair of the legislative body.

Mangaoang said “something should be done to eliminate the perceived graft and corruption” at the Provincial Capitol.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

“I believe, for every single peso that is being pocketed by an official for an illegitimate transaction deprives everyone of us from the basic services we should receive from the government,” he said.

Mangaoang also stressed that the Provincial Board shall see to it that something is done on the plight of the poor patients, who cannot be given the best health services in the provincial hospital as well as in the district hospital.

Issues concerning the plight of local farmers should also be given legislative preference being the backbone of the local economy, he said.

Legislative support he said should also be accorded to the Department of Education to uplift the quality of education in the province as well as ease them from the inconveniences of “begging for funds” to support their development activities.

Another priority is revenue generation through proper management of the province’s resources and assets. “We cannot be too dependent in our share of the IRA, hence we should do something to generate additional revenues from what we have,” he said.

Though he promises “no magical solutions” and that his office “has its power limitation,” Mangaoang assured that the “legislative department, in its role to check and balance the fiscal management of the government, will not be put into compromise.” (GG Dumallig)