IT IS utterly pathetic to see President Noynoy Aquino going to the extent of depriving himself the use of "wang-wang" to get the police authorities to enforce the law banning illegal use of sirens and blinkers. Nobody is saying it, but in anyway you look at it, the presidential sacrifice is in fact a slap on the institutions that ought to have implemented the law long time ago.

But let's not go far. In Davao City for example, 'colorum' taxis operate with impunity under the very noses of the Land Transportation Office, PNP and LTFRB. I find it incredible and ridiculous that despite the flagrant and illicit operations of colorum taxis these government agencies are so despicably helpless and hopeless. They have to be insulted by no less that the Chief Executive for them to snap into action.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

One at a time. Yesterday, President Noy had to stop using sirens and stop at red lights before the PNP acted. Tomorrow, President Noy must come to Davao City, take a taxi ride but not on colorum taxis to awaken traffic policemen, LTO law enforcers and LTFRB agent from their stupor and inutility.

It is so unfair to taxi operators who abide by the law for LTFRB and LTO to allow other operators to operate illegally. Which leads me to think loudly that since the new administration is into a massive organizational shake-up of the government bureaucracy, they might as well remove the regional heads of these agencies so that we will have some kind of sanity and orderliness here.

Do we need another silent rebuke from the President to prod us into action? I hope not. I hope that our law enforcers got the message and having learned a crash lesson from the Chief, they proceed to doing things without being told.

But President Noy ought to use the wang-wang if needed. I am certain that he succinctly put across a strong message across the nation and in every level of society and authorities. We cannot compromise the safety of the President and I personally abhor seeing another Aquino fall, this time not on the tarmac, but under the red light. There are too many diabolic forces, political and criminal, that connive with the Fates that are out there spinning the thread, events and duration of man's life.


Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch International has surfaced anew this time lecturing on Pres. Noynoy Aquino on how to address human rights abuses in the Philippines. I am in accord with him in as far as the gory Maguindanao massacre is concerned. But he appeared to be in limbo as far as what the government has taken to address that ugly event in our history. President Aquino himself, in his first days in office, has given marching orders to new DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima to expedite the Maguindanao massacre investigation.

Kenneth Roth, like his benevolent friend across his New York office, the special UN Rapporteur Philip Alston, displays utter ignorance as far as the deaths of illegal drug syndicates in Davao are concerned. The story is perpetuated in the HRW site and other donor agencies to validate their campaign for donors.

Roth and Alston ought to look into their own backyard and the unrelenting summary killings in Mexico, which is closer to their homes. Roth ought to lecture on President Obama instead for America is in dire need of basic lessons on human rights. For Roth and Alston, who stayed all their life in the safe confines of their homes and executive rooms, ought to first have a look at the evils that the drug cartels in New York, Mexico and Canada had wrought before they speak of human rights. From where I speak, the rights you are championing are those of the criminals and not of their victims.