DR. YONG Larrazabal’s disappointment was palpable during our phone conversation.

The eye surgeon and marathoner had purposely announced in advance in Facebook the date for Cebu Doctors’ University’s flagship running event, the University Run, to inform other race organizers and avoid another conflict in race schedules.

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University Run organizers coordinated schedules with other race directors to make sure that they do not hold their runs on the same day. But late last week, the buzz started spreading among runners in Facebook—another race has been scheduled on Aug. 15, the date of the 5th CDU University Run.

It’s a 25K international “marathon,” an oxymoron that should serve as warning. Runners know that you only use the word marathon to describe a race that is 42.195 kilometers long. There are no shorter “marathons.”

The Pilipinas 25K International Marathon is backed by International Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPI) and organized by Joe Deresas, an affable man who was in charge of two of the most problematic races I’ve joined.

I think Deresas sees Pilipinas 25K as his chance for redemption after bungling the races he organized last year. I hope he redeems himself and IPI decides to sponsor another run, but I won’t be there to see it.

I’m joining the University Run.

Yes, elite runners will likely join Pilipinas 25K because it offers bigger prizes. The race will also likely attract runners who’ve grown tired running the same 5K, 10K or 21K distances in the same courses—the 25K route will pass the South Road Properties.

But I’m joining the University Run to honor and recognize the crucial role Larrazabal played in making running a mainstream sport in Cebu City.

Back when there were only a couple of running events a year, Larrazabal organized monthly races to give runners a venue for their sport. I’m one of the many people who started running in these monthly races.

With the running boom in Cebu, Larrazabal decided to stop the monthly races to give way to other organizations who wanted to stage their own fun runs. The least other organizers could have done is to coordinate with him on the schedules.

Anyway, the Aboitiz Race to Reduce run, which will use timing chips and include a 21K distance, is scheduled the week after and should satisfy local runners longing for longer distances.

The recent conflict in race schedules raised the question on whether there is a need for regulation of road races. John Pages and Meyrick Jacalan, who are among the core organizers responsible for the success of the Cebu City Marathon, said that with the boom in running in Cebu, conflicting schedules have to be expected. It’s a sentiment shared by Kenneth Casquejo of RunCheck, a highly-regarded race organizer.

But in lieu of regulation, Pages and Jacalan suggested a central online listing of road races to help organizers in scheduling their runs. That list has been uploaded to www.ceburunning.com/races/ and in CebuRunning’s Facebook page.

Readers, runners and race organizers are encouraged to e-mail corrections as well as new schedules to maxlimpag@gmail.com.

(More on the issue at www.CebuRunning.com)