IT’S a near certainty that former congressman Mikey Arroyo may not return as a member of the House of Representatives.

As first nominee of the winning party list Ang Galing Pinoy (AGP) Arroyo is facing protest charges from militant political groups. It is perceived that the Commission of Elections is not likely to accommodate the former Presidential son with a favorable decision.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The Comelec had decided Ang Galing Pinoy is a genuine party list group, but its nominee in the person of Mikey was not a qualified to represent it, based on the petition of disqualification filed against him.

There were reportedly other party list nominees of questionable membership and qualifications that were proclaimed by the Comelec but the body seemed intimidated by the powerful Bayan and Akbayan militant organizations which are known to pursue their objectives with unforgiving determination and grit.

The Comelec seemed inclined to antagonize and carry a protracted war on Mikey who no longer enjoys the power and clout of being a presidential son. Most commissioners fear confronting the wrath and ideological eruptions of the likes of former lawmakers and losing senatorial candidates Satur Ocampo and Lisa Masa.

Ocampo and Masa have nothing personal with Mikey. They have a casus belli against his mother, the former President whom they accused of human rights violations.

With the persuasive and still influential Mikey out of Congress, Mrs. Arroyo will have one devoted leader less in the chamber. Mikey is an effective “whip” among the Lakas-Kampi-CMD representatives who still hold Congresswoman Arroyo as their titular leader.

Without Mikey on the floor, Congresswoman Arroyo loses her alter ego, the sounding board, and a genuine feedback mechanism about her agenda. In the past, Mikey acted as a “round the game” within the coalesced parties, known for his congenial and persuasive talent of steering diverse interest to support a united stand.

The Comelec through Commissioner Gregorio Larazal announced last week that unless Mikey renounce his representation and give way to the second AGP nominee, former Lubao Mayor Dennis Pineda, their group will be without a representative in the next Congress.

The Comelec has put Mikey on a lose-lose situation. Should he persist in contesting the Comelec’s ruling, AGP will be without representation. Should he give way to his friend Dennis Pineda, he loses the right to the position which, in the first place, was a well-prepared and well-executed plan for his return to Congress.

There are fortunes in life which are in the way of destiny. For Mikey it appears getting back to power as party list Representative was not meant to be. For Dennis Pineda it could be.

Giving way to Dennis seems the best and likely option. For Mikey, this supreme sacrifice requires relinquishing a victory within his grasp. His decision is a test of political maturity and a demonstration of true friendship.

Mikey’s giving way to Dennis, while perceived as proper and pragmatic, carries far reaching significance and meaning. He will do it because he loves his mother (FGMA) for whom the Pineda family will sacrifice not only their fortune, but their honor and lives as well.

Mikey owes this one to the former Lubao Mayor. Not for his own sake but for the former President’s.


Governor Lilia Pineda has called for unity amongst local officials to advance the cause of Pampanga. Nanay Baby’s message was a stirring rally call for our cabalen, local political leaders especially, to unite for the best interest of the province.

Here is the first chance to a make a reality of that clarion call. Governor Pineda can ask the Pampanga Mayor’s League to draw a resolution expressing its support to San Fernando Mayor Oscar Rodriguez who is aspiring to be President of the League of Cities of the Philippines.

By endorsing Rodriguez for the League presidency, the Mayor’s League will put up a united front for the province, with the encouragement and approval of Nanay Baby, of course. This will place Pampanga in the national radar anew, all for the glory of and honor of the Kapampangan. This is patriotism without borders.

Apropros former Pres. Arroyo’s blockbuster bill for a ConCon, Mayor Oca’s position coincides with Mrs. Arroyo’s template of her proposal. Rodriguez as future League president can help promote national debate on the issue. The fear of GMA getting restored to power as Prime Minister is unrealistic as Lady Gaga‘s dream of getting back her virginity which she gave up as a career move.