EXPATRIATE folksinger Conrad Marzan will be in two concerts for two patients on July 10 to cap his three-week visit home and to re-live his years mounting benefit shows with fellow country musicians here.

The California-based artist has re-united with fellow soloists Bubut Olarte, March Fianza, Alfred Dizon, Liza, Sumitra  and Alma Angiwan in evening recollections of their pieces at the rooftop of Bryan Aliping in preparation for the twin performances  this coming Saturday at the Jack’s Restaurant and nearby Kalei’s Bar, both  in La Trinidad, Benguet.

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The twin reunion musical treats gelled the other Friday, when the group met Delson Lipawen, a nine-year old boy born with a hole in the heart, while they were planting coffee seedlings with kids of the Longlong Elementary School .

Right there and then, the group led by lawyer Greg Abalos, the new mayor of La Trinidad, decided to sing for the boy at Kalei’s.

Specialist, Dr. Jerry Acosta of the Baguio Heart and Lung Diagnostic Center has diagnosed the boy’s condition as Tetralogy of Fallot involving four abnormalities of the heart. Dr. Acosta has recommended immediate surgery at the Philippine Heart Center to prevent onset of complications.

The boy’s father, Delmin, a 42-year-old farmer from Buguias, Benguet, and his mother, Susan, a housewife from Alno La Trinidad, can ill afford providing his maintenance medications, much less his surgery. Delson is in the fourth grade while his brother Robinson is in grade 3 at Longlong. 

Last Thursday, Aliping told Conrad another concert was set also for this Saturday, for Rose Naoe, another heart patient needing a pacemaker, in a benefit dinner at Jack’s Restaurant near Kalei’s.

“We can move from Jack’s to Kalei’s in a two-birds-with-one-stone arrangement” Aliping said.

Teeming up with them are Bubut’s Bluegrass Band of lawyers (Rolly, Angie, Sarah, Nes) and Seldom Seen led by Sammy Comiles and farmer Dick Oakes.

Conrad recently came home with wife Pilar and son Nicolas from their home in Northern California, to visit his daughter Soliel and 10-year-old grandson Wolfgang.

He left for California in 2006 to work as a certified nursing assistant and to team up with fellow expats Joel Aliping, Richard Arandia, Felix Tayaotao, Fr. Leonard Oakes, Miggs Meru and Bob Aliping in concerts for indigent patients back home.

Last May, Conrad mounted a concert for the Bibak group of Cordillera expats while visiting his mother in New Jersey. He’s bound for Canada, early this September for another fund-raiser sponsored by the Bibak in Calgary.