AT THE inaugural session of the Cebu Provincial Board, Gov. Gwen Garcia and Vice Gov. Greg Sanchez promised to set aside personal and political differences for the good of the province's constituents. Sanchez, who was elected under the Liberal Party, appealed to the One Cebu-dominated legislative body for support and cooperation.

Sixth district PB Member Arleigh Sitoy, who is also with the LP, is the lone Sanchez ally in the Board.

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In that encounter, Greg was the gentleman when he offered Gwen a long-stemmed red rose as a sign of good will, respect for a woman and, perhaps, as a peace offering.

Many feelings can be expressed by flowers. And the most meaningful flower is the red rose. One red rose is used nowadays to send a message of love and admiration. Giving three red roses, though, has a different meaning.

We hope that the “civil encounter” was not a mere publicity stunt but a beginning of a new dimension of cooperation and coordination between the executive and legislative branches. While the passage of Gwen's legislative agenda won’t hit a snag in the Board, Greg’s attacks of her administration will have a negative impact on her leadership.

If the two leaders continue to play the “dog and cat” game, their programs will be derailed. And instead of hearing and reading positive pronouncements, what will occupy newspaper space and radio airtime are the attacks, denials and counter-attacks.

Gwen and Greg should be reminded that the elections are over and it’s time for them to unite and work together. Both have been given another mandate by Cebuano voters.

If Greg intends to run for governor in 2013, he should campaign during the campaign period for that year’s elections and not now. But in fairness to Greg, he denied he is intending to seek the gubernatorial post in 2013.

So what does that good gesture and the promise to set aside political and personal differences mean? Does it mean Gwen will return all the vehicles assigned to the Office of the Vice Governor that she recalled? Does it mean she will approve the hiring of employees and consultants under the legislative department? Does it mean stopping her harassment of Greg?

I just want to tell the governor that if she does not want her conflict with Greg to be resurrected, then she should tell her spokesman, lawyer Rory Jon Sepulveda, to shut up. Sometimes Rory Jon is the cause of Capitol’s troubles.