IF THAT was a truce, it lasted only a day. Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia said yesterday she will pursue the investigation on projects funded by legislative funds assigned to Vice Gov. Gregorio Sanchez Jr.

She cited a case in Tuburan where the vice governor’s office asked for almost P1 million for a six-kilometer barangay road project, but an inspection showed only 1.4 kilometers were finished.

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“In fact, we will be calling them (the Tuburan barangay captains concerned) because they have to explain. The project was funded by the vice governor’s assistance fund. But he said he is not obliged to liquidate because the barangay captains can do it. So, we will call them,” Garcia said.

In a separate press conference, Sanchez challenged the governor to liquidate all the expenses in her trips abroad since 2007.

“Can she justify her travels to the different countries in the world? Did she bring new investments to Cebu out of her expensive travels? If her travels have no effect on the people, then people may call these junkets,” Sanchez said.

The exchange came a day after both officials, in the Provincial Board’s (PB) inaugural session, spoke of the need to rise above their differences.

Governor Garcia said yesterday the Capitol will ensure the wiser use of the Legislative Assistance Funds (LAF). She will

see to it that all allocations are consistent with the Province’s 12-point agenda, she added.

Sanchez, however, objected to the governor’s memo that said PB resolutions are no longer required for the processing of the LAF releases.

He also said the road project the governor questioned was above-board.

“While the (road construction) project was released as one fund allocation, the road traverses several barangays, and a large part of the money and fuel are still there,” Sanchez said.

He said the project was temporarily stopped because the bulldozer being used nearly had an accident.

Garcia said proper monitoring of the LAF’s use will ensure “that every centavo of it will be spent wisely.” She will also limit assistance for barangay hall constructions to P100,000 and day care centers, P50,000.

“A lot of officials tend to ask for funds for the construction of enormous barangay halls, not taking into consideration that their roads are still not in good condition,” Garcia said. (EOB/With RRF)