MANILA -- A neophyte lawmaker has filed House Resolution 30 directing the appropriate House committees to conduct an inquiry into the oil drilling explorations conducted since October 2009 at the Sulu Sea.

Representative Tupay Loong, a first-term congressman in the first district of Sulu, wants to ensure an active participation from the people of Sulu since citing the laws on National Economy and Patrimony as stated in the Philippine Constitution.

Section 2 of Article XII states: "The exploration, development, and utilization of natural resources shall be under the full control and supervision of the State. The State may directly undertake such activities, or it may enter into co-production, joint venture, or production-sharing agreements with Filipino citizens, or corporations or associations at least sixty per centum of whose capital is owned by such citizens."

“What is the benefit out of this oil drilling exploration in our province? That is my concern. I have to make sure that i speak for the rights of my people,” Loong said.

Before being elected as the province's congressman, Loong was a seven-year mayor of Parang, Sulu. He also served as the vice governor and eventually governor of Sulu. (Kathrina Alvarez/Sunnex)