A SIXTY-ONE years old man was found dead inside his residence in Barangay Estefania on Monday night.

Police Station 4 Senior Officer 1 Rommel Parcon identified the victim as Ruben Arcedes of East Homes Subdivision, Barangay Estefania.

Parcon said that around 7:30 p.m. Monday, the body of Arcedes was found by his neighbor Pastor Noel Lanuza slumping at the comfort room, after he failed to go out from his house since Sunday.

He said Arcedes was alone in their house since Sunday as his children and wife went to Manapla town, Negros Occidental.

The family of the victim said Arcedes was suffering from a heart ailment.

There were no visible inflicted wounds on the victim's body, said Parcon, adding that he might have died after his attack.

Parcon added that Arcedes's family refused to have his body autopsied, believing there was no foul play involved. (MAP)