CAMP OLIVAS -- In order to attract more witnesses that could lead to the solution of the Yap, Tetangco and Quinto (YTQ) murder case, police recently raised the cash reward to P1 million.

Last month, Task Force YTQ, headed by deputy regional director for operations Wendy Rosario, offered a P200,000 cash reward for any information for the early solution of the murder case of Florencio Yap, Rene Tetangco, and Dennis Quinto.

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The cash reward was raised again to P400,000 to attract witnesses to come out and tell what they know about the murder case.

However, until last week, there was no witness who came to the task force, Rosario told reporters here.

He said an anonymous businessman gave the P600,000 to the task force raising the reward to P1 million.

Rosario said that the businessman offered the additional P600,000 to be able to "attract" witnesses to come out so that the murder case could be solved as soon as possible.

Rene Tetangco, 42, brother of Bangko Sentral Governor Amando Tetangco, Yap and Quinto were found dead inside a SUV Ford Expedition abandoned in a vacant lot along Friendship Avenue, Barangay Pampang, Angeles City, on June 3.

A security guard identified as Joseph Maderaso, guard detailed at the Barvaria Lions Restaurant along Friendship Avenue found the trio already dead inside the SUV.

The victims sustained gunshot wounds from an M-16 rifle.

There were already 15 personalities that were invited by the task force to shed light in the YTQ murder.

Although police officials said they have identified the alleged mastermind, they still need physical evidence to solve the case being investigated over a month now. (Ric Sapnu)