MANNY Pacquiao has already agreed to all the demands of Floyd Mayweather Jr. to make one of the biggest fights in boxing history happen. However, the pound-for-pound king has yet to hear from Mayweather Jr., if he accepts a super fight with him on Nov. 13 in the US.

Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, has issued a deadline for the 33-year-old American superstar to accept the fight.

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“We want an answer by mid-July, whether to fight or not fight,” Arum said in a report posted at “Without setting a hard and fast deadline, we want to know by the end of next week.”

Unlike the first negotiation, Pacquiao has agreed to Mayweather’s demand of drawing blood 14 days before the bout.

The previous talk of both camps fell through after both superstars disagreed on the manner of blood testing.

Arum feels there is a possibility Mayweather Jr. will decline facing Pacquiao this year because his uncle and head trainer Roger Mayweather is scheduled to go to court next month. Roger is facing raps for allegedly attacking a female boxer.

“The big issue is, does Floyd want to fight this year or next year?” said the veteran American promoter.

If Mayweather Jr. decides not to face the 31-year-old Pacquiao in November, then there is a possibility they will be fighting next year. Then the Filipino superstar will most likely be facing either World Boxing Association light middleweight champion Miguel Cotto in a rematch, for an eighth division world title, or Mexican slugger Antonio Margarito on Nov. 13.