THE IMPORTANCE of nutrition in every athlete's performance should also be taken into consideration.

June Falansy of the National Nutrition Council in the Cordillera said athletes should also be given the right nutrition program as it plays a vital role in every competition.

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"The aspect of diet and nutrition has been overlooked many times, every athlete has a nutritional requirement for maximum performance in his chosen sport because it plays a vital role in competitions although proper training is still needed," Falansy stressed.

Falansy during a weekly press forum said athletes need more minerals, more amino acids, more enzymes and more phytonutrients and vitamins and antioxidants to protect them against the byproducts of exercise.

The Philippine Sports Commission has recently crafted a nutritional program for elite athletes which will be undertaken by the agency as part of the country's build-up for the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, this November.

So far, 13 athletes have been named by the PSC to the roster of elite athletes being groomed to go for gold in the Asian Games.

These elite athletes will also be given several opportunities to take part in international tournaments in the coming months.

Falansy added getting the most out of an athlete's training efforts is more than just doing the right workout sessions. It includes proper recovery techniques and correct nutrition as well.

"In fact, proper nutrition is so crucial to athletic success, it can mean the difference between winning first place or taking the last place," added Falansy. (Roderick Osis)