WITH the installation of an interaction and feedback mechanism set by the Aquino administration, the citizenry should be able to spot who among the cabinet members that he appointed would wear the coat of good governance.

If President Benigno Aquino III (or PNoy) were to run this government like a corporation, people whom he trusted to carry out his campaign slogan, “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” (No corruption, no poverty), will be put to the test.

Michael Maccoby, author of The New Corporate Leaders, introduced us to the different types of men.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The Artisans are quiet, sincere, modest and practical although there is a difference between those who are more receptive and democratic versus those who are more authoritarian and intolerant. Rather than engaging and trying to master the system with the cooperation of others who share his values, he tends to do his own thing and go along toward goals he does not share.

Then, we have the Jungle Fighters whose goal is power. A major part of his psychic resources is budgeted for his internal department of defense. Jungle fighters tend to see their peers in terms of accomplices or enemies and their subordinates as objects to be utilized.

There are two subtypes of jungle fighters: the Lions and the Foxes. The Lions are the conquerors who when successful may build an empire. The Foxes make their lairs in the corporate hierarchy and move ahead by stealth and politicking.

Then there's the Company Man whose strongest traits are his concern with the human side of the company, his interest in the feelings of the people around him and his commitment to maintain the organization’s integrity.

Finally, the Gamesman, who is impatient and communicates with enthusiasm, thus energizing others.

Dynamic and terse, he enjoys new ideas, new techniques, fresh approaches, and shortcuts.

It is hard to identify who among the people around PNoy will turn out to be Jungle Fighters, for their ways may be cunning.

It is now up to us to be vigilant as we fill our two empty bottles with concerns toward the road to recovery.