IN LESS than 24 hours, a construction worker and an alleged gang member were shot to death, while a general manager of a trucking firm killed herself in Cebu City.

An unidentified assailant shot construction worker Gabriel Entera, 25, yesterday afternoon at Carbon Public Market. Entera was hit in the left side of his neck, and then the bullet exited through his right ear.

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The victim was sitting on a chair near the store of Orlando Abapo while watching TV in the adjacent store owned by Vicky Rosel, said Abapo's caretaker Aniceta Mendez, 59.

Mendez said many people huddle near the store just to watch TV.

The homicide team, led by SPO3 Rey Cuyos, recovered one deformed slug and one empty shell of an unidentified caliber.

Cuyos told Sun.Star Cebu his team was having a hard time in solving the case since there were no witnesses who surfaced to identify the suspect.

"Di manug-an. Buto ra kuno’y nadunggan (No one would talk. They said they only heard a gunshot)," Cuyos said.

He also talked with Arnold, 19, the brother of the victim, who said he does not know if his brother had enemies.

Entera had been jobless for two years.

Cuyos said his team is still conducting further investigation to determine the motive of the shooting and to identify the suspect. Entera’s body was brought to St. Francis Funeral Homes for autopsy.

A day earlier, an unidentified assailant also shot Edmel Melorin, 19, an alleged member of the Crips Gang. The victim was hit in the back of his head, and the bullet exited through his forehead.

Melorin and his cousin Edmund Ipong, 19, were playing with a computer when the shooting took place in View Hills, Barangay Quiot at 5:30 p.m.


The Homicide team, led by SPO4 Alex Dacua, said they are looking at the rivalry between Crips and the Bloods gang.

The victim was rushed to the Cebu City Medical Center but died later.

According to a TV Patrol report, Melorin was one of the gang members involved in a rumble in the barangay last week. The police are still identifying the suspect.

Meanwhile, Arlyn Palagot, general manager of Pride of the South Trucking Services, took her life using a 9mm pistol in

Maria Paloma Subdivision, Barangay Labangon.

Problems over a relationship and money could be the possible reasons Palagot shot herself, the police investigation revealed.

Before the incident happened, househelp Iony Cabungkay, 37, said Palagot, who just arrived from work, asked her for the master bedroom's key.

A few minutes later, Cabungkay heard gunfire from the room.

When she checked, she saw Palagot bloodied.

Mark Cabase and Mark Martines of the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation discovered Palagot already lifeless. The victim was kneeling, while her face was on top of the bed.

The Homicide team, led by Dacua, ruled out the possibility of foul play since there were no signs of a struggle.