BACOLOD City Police officer-in-charge Celestino Guara yesterday said that they will form an anti-robbery task force group, within 24-hours to curb rampant snatching and hold-up incidents in the city.

He said that he will head the said task force group, and will assign two senior policemen as team leaders, noting that he deploy the members of the task force group in crime prone areas in the city.

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This came after, rampant of robberies and snatching incidents were recorded in police stations of Bacolod because the police units concerned are not attending to it, wherein some of the policemen are not roaming around the area to secure the safety of its constituents.

Guara said that they will concentrate in the area of police stations 2 and 4, since these stations have recorded several robberies and snatching cases.

He said that there were at least 2,000 crime incidents recorded in the first of two quarters of this year alone while there were only more or less 1,000 crime incidents recorded from January to December last year.

"Out of that number, 82 percent are crime against properties like snatching and robberies," Guara stressed.

He noted that last year, only resolved crimes are being reported but this year, PRO-6 are urging police offices in entire region to also report unresolved crimes.

He cited that even if the crime incidents in Bacolod had already increased, he said that it is still lesser compared in Iloilo, with at least 5,000 recorded crime incidents.

Furthermore, Guara also admitted that he is also entertaining the possibility that the snatching and robbery incidents were intentionally done to discredit his in the City of Bacolod, so that he will be sacked from office.

He said that he also wanted to reshuffle the police chiefs in Bacolod to serve as lessons to those who are not functioning well, but he said that he was reminded by the Police Regional Office-6 that he has no authority as he is only an officer in charge.