CEBU City, Ronda, Dalaguete record high malnutrition rates.

For local officials, this information is difficult to stomach.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency


Feeding program for malnourished pupils underway.

Just make sure there are safeguards against people wanting to fatten their wallets.


“Reforest, don’t just plant.”

Let us ape successful programs abroad.


City inspects 100 vehicles.

Inspect the drivers next.


Mosquito nets distributed to schools.

Education officials do not want to be caught sleeping on their jobs in the fight against dengue fever.


President Aquino: Ex-agriculture executive may turn state witness.

His testimony is a fertile source of information on the culprits.


Lawmaker files bill against use of siren.

He should create more noise to get others to support his bill.


Aquino defends Truth Commission.

One false step and he will get the brunt of criticisms.


Lawmakers back arming media.

That should give media practitioners a chance to be on equal footing with enemies.


Aquino’s inauguration fails to boost stock market.

Investors did not totally buy his ideas.