WHAT President Noynoy Aquino may have realized now is that he cannot move into the bureaucracy armed only with the goal to become a knight in shining armor and then slash away at the vines that breeds all sorts of debilitating entanglements.

Aquino woke up with the pork barrel issue staring at him in the face and realized that the issue is a hard-to-crash-into political wall.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The thing is, the pork barrel is a political gimmickry that existed in Ame-rican politics long before our country had even learned about the ballot and the vote. It is a reward system that early American politicians devised to sustain political support and influence among their constituents.

But in actual practice, it became a source of goodwill for the people in the community when, at the drop of the hat, the man with the biggest pork barrel spread his possession around to friends and neighbor.

Taken up to the level of politics, American politicians learned to provide themselves with funds from the government as a means of undertaking various projects for the benefit of their constituents, and their leadership.

That is why, confronted with this reality, President Aquino backed off from his earlier intent to slash the pork barrel, which he recognized as a source of graft and corruption.

Know that the pork barrel has already taken deep roots in our political system, and the mere thought of uprooting it is decidedly formidable. How much more is it if one considers the political implication of the notion?

During the time of US President John F. Kennedy, his political aides devised a way of helping him in drafting policy decisions.

Problems that needed urgent policy decisions went to the group that had expertise about the issue.

The group came up with a study that offered the president courses of action, complete with the implication to the sectors that will be affected by a particular decision and what might be done to cushion the impact of such policy decision. I think PNoy needs a similar group.

There are things that he needs to know when confronted with certain problems, especially those that have something to do with political issues. Certainly, he needs to avoid controversies in his administration that would distract him from his chosen path in his presidency.

With the promises he made, and with so many eyes focused on how he will strive to fulfill his commitments and promises, how could he allow himself to be distracted from his chosen path?