HER father once told her to either choose a stethoscope or a chef’s hat, and she chose the latter. That was nearly six years ago, and now she is living her dream of offering tasty and elegantly designed cakes and pastries to old and new customers.

Jessica Therese Sy was poised to be a doctor, but then fate brought her to the cake business after graduating college.

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Previously displaying her pastries at Coffee dream, she is now into her home-based business selling her cakes and pastries via Facebook, multiply and through word-of-mouth.

Pastries by Jessica, the name of her business, now specializes in whole cakes and classical cakes for celebrations like weddings, birthdays, christening and any other special occasions—even your pet’s birthday.

She also makes customized cupcakes, cookies, brownies, loaf cakes and glass desserts, which are displayed in her own food shop at Babsi’s Corner Food on the Go across Velez College.

Her first fondant cake, which was made especially for her sister’s wedding, was a chic four-tiered carrot cake adorned with sugary beads and seashells to incorporate the beach wedding theme.

The topsy-turvy cake combines chocolate, butter and carrot on a four-layer wedding cake with fondant beads, sugary flowers and a hat with blue feather on the top—which the client specially requested: an out-of-the box cake for their special day.

Using boiled icing to design a blue and white ruffled gown with a flowing skirt draped upon Barbie, the doll cake, accentuated with pink flowers, suites little angels or soon-to-be young ladies for their birthdays or debut.

Another favorite is the pink and white fondant cake specially designed for a dog’s birthday party with cute little eatable bones spread on top and under the cake’s side.

Banking on what is abundant in Cebu, the mango-walnut cake spreads the sweet and sour taste of ripe mangoes mixed with walnut on a layer of cream cheese and topping it off with more mango-walnut.

Seasonal cakes, which are on top of the popular list, are the Valentine’s cake for couples with a heart-shaped design covered in frothy icing and the delectable fruitcake during Christmas.

For Jessica, the cakes are not just about the design but it also maintains the delicious taste that makes her customers buy more often and spread the word around.

The top sales person for Pastries by Jessica is her mom who continuously markets her cake to her friends and associates; and to cater to their age, the cakes are healthy with less sugar content.

To order them, wedding cakes require a one month notice; birthday cakes would be at least a week notice; and whole cakes could be ordered two days before. Other desserts can be ordered at least two days in advance.

For those on a tight budget, Jessica would go within the budget but still offer the client what they want for their special day. An assorted choice of flavors and designs could lower the cost of a cake. Chiffon is the cheapest alternative for this.

So for those wanting to make any occasion more special with a touch of sophistication and luscious taste, Jessica’s confections would be the perfect choice.