FROM the floating market and side walk stalls of Bangkok an aroma of different spices tingles your nose and the sizzling grills whispers to your ears saying "come and eat." That euphoric experience could only happen when Sate is almost ready to be served.

Sate is the Southeast Asian version of the Arabian kebab. It generally consists of chunks or slices of meat on bamboo or coconut leaf spine skewers grilled over a wood or charcoal fire. Meats used include beef, fish, shrimp or poultry. In other countries, venison and rabbit's meat is also used.

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In Thailand, a well-loved tourist destination, Sate is like a staple food. Very cheap and deliciously mouth-watering and especially paired with its signature peanut sauce, it is truly an out of this world experience. An experience, which only Krua Thai Authentic Thai Cuisine can deliver to us.

Now serving in Thai tables three different Sate Platters. Seafood Sate Platter at P 399.00 is consists of prawns, squid and squid head and fish fillet. Seafood is an excellent source of top quality protein, B- group vitamins and Omega's 3s, which is good for our body.

Serving Meat Sate Platter at P299 with pork, beef, chicken and chicken butt, and food trip will never get any better than this.

Mix and match a little bit of both and you got the Mix Combo Sate Platter at P399. Pick your own combinations to try and enjoy both platters. Sate's unique juiciness is what makes it stand out from an ordinary Filipino barbecue.

All of these platters would not be completed without the Sate Peanut sauce and Spicy Sate sauce. Indispensable with sate, this sauce also works as a nice dip for a number of other Asian appetizers (like cold spring rolls) and all kinds of grilled meats.

From July 1 to 31 savor all of this Sate Platter as Krua Thai joins the festive celebration of the Sate Festival.