HOW and what does one expect from a legislator? Beyond making money out of a position that supposedly commands the highest respect, ours are legislators new and old alike whose names have been tarnished by large-scale and widespread fraud committed by not a few, and some might not have.

It must be noted however, that gems can also be found in "muck". And like life imitating the dynamics of the great universe, certainly, these are bright stars that shine their brightest where they are meant to be.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

As one of Gabriela party-list representatives to the Congress for yet another term, Ma'am Luz exudes confidence and hope among half of the country's populace, the women sector, who continues to fight for their rights in all spheres of life. She has become an icon of what women advocacy should be in the simplest terms but effectively so.

I have not been lucky enough to be under her instructions when I was still taking up a degree in communications ages ago at the university, but at the height of her advocacy for women in the 80s, I remember looking forward to one of her countless appearances as speaker to countless women's forum. It was endless pleasure for me to hear her speak spontaneously and effectively about the women's situation in such a way that one is amused while learning at the same time. It is only Ma'am Luz who has the flair of an effective communicator by the way she express her thoughts. It is probably one asset that she continues to use to her advantage and those of the women's issues that she carries.

Topping the party-lists ranks during the recent presidential elections, Gabriela Women's Party did not even have to try hard to become number one. There were no big billboards and loud jingles in the airwaves, nor were there massive advertisements during Gabriela's campaign, but still the women overwhelmingly speak through their votes. It could be the party's visibility all year round and everywhere they are needed that earned them the votes of over a million supporters.

Ma'am Luz is one of the most fitting representatives that can truly verbalize the interests of her constituents and outshine the "high and mighty" among legislators who are only out to make big business out of public service. Truly, one cannot but have wishful thoughts that other legislators might emulate those whose interests are genuinely grounded on public service and not at enriching themselves.

Is this too much to wish for? If we look closely into the people behind the pomp and popularity-hungry among those in congress, one can easily deduce that only a handful truly deserves to be called legislators. Most of the so-called Congressmen and congress-women are either out to make a parody of the House of Representatives, or else make some fashion statements. With these kinds of "public servants", one can expect nothing less but hallow legislations that borders on insanity and a "circus" at the House with clowns doing their damnedest to earn more mansions.

My prayer is that there would be more true public servants who are truly worth their while, who would shun the glitter of popularity and fortune but be truly magnanimous in their task and responsibilities as the people's voice. It is not easy to become one, for many of those representatives we have in the House, but with a gem or two there in the person of Ma'am Luz and other genuine party-list representatives to speak for the people, perhaps we can still hope for the best.