P-NOY fired a circular on June 30-his very first as President-and it backfired.

The next day, it was recalled and amended. Fine.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

P-Noy was late twice with presidential appointments for refusing to use the "wangwang" and heeding red lights.

Solution: He'd wake up early, leave early for an appointment. Fine.

Atonement is the stuff that makes legends out of mortals.

Now, what to make of that same man that suddenly refuses to heed the voice of the people?

P-Noy has named Lito Alvarez Customs commisioner on July 6. Fine.

What isn't fine was Lito had just been suspended by the Alabang Country Club for involvement in his flight's cheating ways in the Mango Tee event in February. His foursome was disqualified when caddies testified against them.

"Not me, but my flight mate," Lito told media.

Not only was Lito suspended.

Reportedly, Lito was also banned five years to play in the Mango Tee, beginning 2011.

That grievous.

I'd bury my head in the sand if I got struck by such bolt of disgrace.

I know Lito from way back. And I'm not condemning him, judging him.

Even God abhors such stuff.

Lito has apologized publicly for having been part of that infamy. My salutations.

One thing I can say is Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima recruited Lito.

Because P-Noy trusts Purisima-he should, by all means-Lito got the post.

And, in fairness to Lito, P-Noy had been properly apprised, briefed, of that golfing incident at Alabang.

In short, P-Noy stood by Purisima.

But the swirl of ugly talk hasn't stopped.

Well, sorry, but Lito is damaged goods--perceived or otherwise-and yet, why did P-Noy still put him in a post whose No. 1 requirement is integrity, unsullied reputation?

"It was just an unfortunate incident," said Purisima of the cheating thing.

Uh-oh. Among golfers, just a rumor that you cheated is already a big deal.

"It was just a minor thing, anyway," said Jojo Ochoa, P-Noy's executive secretary.

Uh-oh. Cheating in golf is neither minor nor major. You cheat, and you got caught, that's it. You commit the gravest sin in the game.

Some go home to plant camote.

Others buy muriatic acid. They know what to do next.