HE HAS not changed at all.

Except for a new hairdo which really gives him younger look, Levy P. Laus always exudes that composure, adaptability and intelligence that I have last seen of him, up close, two years ago.

Of course, I get to meet him in some social functions -- although rarely -- after passing the baton at Clark Development Corporation (CDC) in August 2008 but in roundtable talks with Society of Pampanga Columnists, I got the chance to see and talk to him better. Up close once again with somebody I used to call as "bossman" in my previous articles.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

I might not have seen him beam with that smile while he was president in CDC, but that does not mean that he did not enjoy being the helmsman there. Not at all, or he would not have accomplished a lot too for Clark.

Foremost during his watch in CDC was that Clark investors took a sigh of relief as the Freeport Law was signed and promulgated. Without that piece of legislation, tens of thousands would have lost their jobs as investors might have closed shops due to imposition of tax regimes as mandated under the former lark charter.

Come on guys, it was Mr. Laus who did a lot of lobbying both at the House of Representatives and the Senate that ultimately paved the way for the creation of Clark Freeport. Back then, he was branded as Lobby (not Levy) Laus, which I am sure he did not mind as the noble act now means livelihood for thousands.

He may not know it but Bossman has earned the utmost respect and gratitude of thousands whose jobs were saved by his efforts to help remedy the incentives for locators and investors.

He did a lot for Clark and the local communities that this paper's space may not be enough to write them all. I am not saying this because he owns this paper but because what are written here are THE facts. And they are recorded at CDC (and even in Congress for that lobby work).

* * *

So what made me say he has not really changed?

Let's talk about my premises: composure, adaptability and intelligence.

Bossman, in his stature as a CEO is without headaches (read: stress). Point me to a top corporate head who is without problems running companies and I'll gladly point to you an ocean without water.

Mr. Laus is not without problems running one of the most stable corporations in the Philippines today -- the Laus Group of Companies (LGC). But he is hardly with any sign of age catching on him -- unwrinkled.

On the contrary, he continues to live up to the label as one of the most notable glamour boys among Pampanga's top businessmen. And that has even gone a notch higher with him serving as endorser of Ford cars and trucks. See, the glamour boy is a poster boy too.

I remember catching up with his better half and (better-composed too) Tess Laus and making the unnerving remark "good thing that Sir Levy got back to LGC just before the crisis in the automobile industry and the global economic problem."

Her reply? It came as natural and as fast: "Mr. Laus excels through adversity. He takes them as opportunity."

I could not agree any better. He was not swayed to diversion from his main businesses, as others would have done. He has remained adaptable and focused in any situation.

With an expanded car dealership in Haima cars and more branches for the current fleet of cars in his fold throughout Central Luzon, who said that he has changed?

He is passion driven, still.

* * *

Officers of the Capampangan in Media Inc. (Cami) recently met with San Fernando Mayor Oscar Rodriguez at the Heroes Hall. Aside from getting updates from various aspects from the mayor, Cami also made official our request for the construction of an obelisk which will serve as a memorial marker for Capampangan journalists.

The proposal was welcomed by no less than the good mayor as he noted great Capampangan journalists and writers from the past. One of them of course is the father of President Noynoy Aquino, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, a brilliant correspondent who covered the Korean War for the Manila Times.

Ninoy is a Capampangan from Concepcion, Tarlac, a town that is said to be a former part of Pampanga as it is located southernmost to Tarlac and right next to Magalang, Pampanga.

For his part, Engr. Fer Caylao, City Administrator said the obelisk could be erected at the Freedom Park which I believe to be the Arnedo park right in front of the Capitol building. In that case, that will be an appropriate site as the place also serves as the seat of power.

Aptly a consideration as the former late Governor Bren Z. Guiao was also a journalist in his prime years and has worked with Ninoy.

* * *

Happy birthday to two assets of Mayor Marino Morales - June Magbalot of the General Services Office and Rosan Pacquia, municipal administrator.

Magbalot is Mabalacat's chief cultural Renaissance man, knowing just how to relive the town's rich pasts and legacies while at the same time discovering beauties and talents.

With all earnestness and courage, I could say that the municipal government of Mabalacat would go in paralysis should a man having the wits and guts of that of a Magbalot be not tapped. Short of saying: The municipyo -especially wanting to be a city soon --would not run well without this man who does a lot of things not only for Mayor Boking but the rest of Mabalacat's officials and employees.

On the other hand, Rosan is Boking's chief henchman, trafficking a lot of things according to their order of priorities. For one, his liaison with the Sangguniang Bayan and the soon the Congress for the Cityhood is commendable.

Rosan deserves only but the unwavering support from Mayor Boking even as he attempts to put things in order in the day to day affairs (traffic, garbage, human resources, budget, etc) of the municipal government. His Task Force Puso (Public Safety and Order) is one good start for the renewed mandate of Boking. It deserves only the mayor's imprimatur, no less.