WITH all the controversies he is involved in, Joavan Fernandez chose to ignore all of them and tried to focus on what he enjoys most—assembling motorcycles and engaging in socio-civic activities.

Joavan, the son of Talisay City Mayor Socrates Fernandez, said he is busy with the feeding programs he and his father initiated to help children.

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In an interview with reporters last Thursday night, Joavan answered personal questions and aired his sentiments on what he claimed a wrong portrayal of who he really is.

When asked if he has any plan to file charges against those who dragged his name into the controversies, Joavan said “Wala. Kay ingon sila ang mag-antos kay ma-santos.”

This year, Joavan was involved in six incidents where persons accused him of harassment and threats.

The first was on Feb. 5, when he allegedly brandished a gun at Jonathan Ignacio and his wife in a traffic-related incident at the Lawaan 3-Pooc junction. The couple, though, decided not to press charges against Joavan.

Last March 3, a team from the Special Weapons and Tactics in Cebu City rushed to a condotel on D. Jakosalem St. after

receiving a call for assistance about an armed person. The reported person turned out to be Joavan. He, however, did not yield any firearm.

Two days after, Joavan was accused of bullying gas attendants in Talisay City. The gas attendants also did not file complaints against Joavan.

Last May 29, a security guard of a subdivision in Talisay complained he was harassed by Joavan. The guard reportedly merely advised Joavan to minimize the noise of his motorcycle but the latter allegedly threatened the security guard with a gun.

Like the other complainants, the security guard preferred to iron out things with the mayor’s son.

On June 5, Joavan was accused of pointing a gun at Vincent Castrodes, 28, a registered nurse, after their vehicles almost collided on the highway of Barangay Bulacao, Talisay.

Based on Castrodes’s complaint, charges of grave threats, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and violations of the Commission on Elections gun ban were filed against Joavan.


Joavan was arrested but released after posting a P180,000-bail last June 8.

Last Tuesday, a couple filed a report at the Cebu City Investigation and Detective Management Branch against Joavan for allegedly harassing them. Joavan denied the allegation.

Joavan, sporting a yellow polo shirt and blue jeans, met with reporters for a “casual interview” in a restaurant in Barangay

Busay, Cebu City last Thursday night.

When asked if he is affected by allegations that he has an abrasive behavior, Joavan said he is not worried because he knows he is innocent.

“Wa man ko maguol kay kahibawo man ko og unsay tinuod (I’m not concerned because I know the truth),” Joavan said.

Joavan, called Waby by friends, said every time his name is dragged into a controversy, his father would immediately ask him what happened.

“Kon naa man gani tawo nga suhito kaayo nako, kana siya (Mayor Fernandez). Di man pud tingali ka kasab-an dayon kon di mangutana daan unsay tinuod (My father knows me. He wouldn’t jump to conclusions and get mad without talking to me first),” Joavan said.

He, however, begged off from commenting on what he feels about his father being criticized for taking his side in every controversy.

Joavan said he is a simple person who wants to be with friends who share his fondness for motor vehicles.

”Ang kana gani’ng akong balay kay mura na’g shop (My house is like a motor shop),” he said.

When he is not tinkering with motor parts, Joavan said he is attending to feeding programs in different schools.

Last Wednesday, he and his team of volunteers were in Manipis Elementary School to bring food to the children there.

“Dako kaayo akong kalipay bisan og nagkapaso-paso (I was so happy even if the food was so hot),” Joavan said with a smile.

He said he and his father are using their own money for the feeding programs.