IT IS a good thing that the new President initiated moves to enact long inactive laws of the land, such as the use of sirens and blinkers among individuals not authorized to use them. I would say that he hit right on the head of the nail for leading this one small step of change in our society today.

For all we know, the use of these irritating and bothersome gadgets by some individuals connote an image of machismo, a feeling of superiority and bragging importance from all other motorists. The bottom line for this kind of feeling and alibis is that these gadgets are abused for too long already. So for the President to recognize this need to implement is a good start.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The call for the curtailment of these gadgets had reignited the fervor of the concerned agencies to apprehend and to confiscate them from the vehicles. The additional directive to remove those protocol and commemorative plates likewise is laudable. All should be equal in the eyes of the law, as the saying goes. I hope that this directive would go beyond the term of P-Noy, and that the negative trait of ningas-cogon would not take place. Now that the big boss has spoken, the concerned agencies should never back down in the implementation of this directive. Please never cool down from the fervor of doing your countrymen a great service in eliminating this often times masquerade of haughtiness.

From the same connotation, it is also hoped that rules on the use of helmets on motorcycles should continue. Already we noticed that the local law enforcement is lax here in their implementation. You can count from your fingers how many complied on this law and those who didn't. Sometimes the hardest headed fools are those who have their so called connections in the government, making it appear that they are creating their own little republic in their land with their own brand of laws suited for them too. Never back down, men of the laws for the President is always there to protect you. Those guys who are always making lame excuses could be considered arrogant and self-efficacious. Except those authorize to use these gadgets, you should continue with this simple crusade of ridding this items that arrogant users branded as image enhancers or road kings.

The President had somehow cast an image of humility on his mandate by this simple directive of his. I only pray that he will be really that sincere in making the necessary image changes of those who are in power. With great power comes great responsibility, as the marvel superhero Spiderman would say. The President must continuously remind himself that being a leader of the nation does not mean circumventing the law to his favor, but always following the very laws being enshrined in the Constitution, and by doing so, he will establish firmly his mandate and gain the trust and confidence of the people. (Comments? Send at