PINOYS have been exploited and deprived. The social structures are there but against us. We got laws but not working favorably as expected. Our democracy has little meaning for the majority of our people who celebrate Independence Day, National Heroes Day, Rizal Day.

Majority of the Pinoys feel that they belong to the oppressed and the oppressed want to get even. Deprivation and devastation make them label themselves as undisciplined, irresponsible and lazy. Let's be honest and observe reality.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Why do Pinoys violate simple traffic rules with impunity? Why does a respected executive make himself an angry man if sandwiched in a heavy traffic and start cutting the car in front of him? The oppressed believe that they have to grab the opportunity. Even the educated and the better-off who are deprived of social justice carry the mentality of the oppressed.

Why will someone pad a receipt for the office? Why will you decide to become a ghost and sign the payroll? You look around; you fail to see a role model. You read the newspaper and watched news on TV and you know that the honorable are cheating. Our society has a set-up where graft and corruption is occupying center stage. Only the oppressed go to jail. The celebrities are still there.

Pinoys in the movie houses leave their plastic cups and popcorn boxes under the seat, or toss litter out the bus windows, or dump garbage at the sidewalk. The reason, "Well...there are janitors around. Anyway, street cleaners are paid to do the job."

And, Pinoys piss against the wall! Are you flushing the public toilet after use? What? "But we have not seen public toilets nearby. Well, if there is is always filthy? Do you expect me to clean?" Outside the town proper, the toilet is the vast sugarcane field. There are Pinoys who have not realized in their lifetime the importance of a water-sealed toilet.

Are Pinoys slow workers, especially those working in the government projects receiving a standard daily wage with cut? Why work fast if work could be extended to one month as stated in the program of work? But, these same guys could be effective workers if given the proper motivation, good working condition and honest salary. Pinoys working abroad are proven to be excellent workers.

Why are Pinoys gossiping always or enjoying being "street engineers" counting posts around instead of sweating it out productively to get out of poverty? The government has no serious program for them. There are no jobs available and there are no agencies that can give them capital. These Pinoys have no special skills training. They are just good for nothing. Blah! Blah! Blah!

If Pinoys have none, they can always mischievously creative by doing things the other way around. They can always involve in budol-budol gang operations, akyat-bahay gang adventures, jai-alai bet collection, laglag-barya mission. Those who want to operate individually, there is bukas-kotse, cellphone snatching, or electric wire jumper fixing. "We are not cheating. We are not stealing. We are only wise!"

Not every Pinoy can afford to buy a lot, much more own a decent house but there is always an opportunity to have a home along da riles, under the bridge, or dwell on top of the tomb in the public cemeteries or classy parks. What can they do? They are the oppressed Pinoys! "If the system does not work for me, why should I follow the rules?"

Do we care for the future of our natural resources? Some Pinoys cannot live in the city. The squatters' area is already overpopulated. "Let's settle in the mountains. We can cut trees, denude the forest for our kaingin, make charcoal, hunt wild animals for food, sell monkeys to tourists, and poison the streams to float the eels. How about those who live in the shorelines? Catch the 200-year old turtle and sell it to the old Chinese having problem with erection, siphon the crablets, rake the shells, use dynamites while chasing tamban-tuloy, clear the mangrove, and bribe the person in authority.

There is a challenge for the new President and his administration. The oppressed Pinoys are not that bad. Let the government care for its people. We are the government! Pinoys have to do their share in carrying the cross and reforming themselves. An upright president may be a model to his people. A sane government might just produce a citizenry that won't sell its birthright for a mess of potage. Filipinos, unite and reform. Makibaka huwag makibaboy!

Always remember that God has a wonderful plan for you. Let Him help you establish your path and guide you as you walk in it. Knowing where you're going is the first step to getting there. Be blessed and be a blessing.