WAKING up in the morning isn't appreciated by many. Most of us go directly to our daily routines and live life like it's just another day.

Most people look forward to certain things like a salary raise, getting an A in math, having a date on weekends and the likes. They plan things like there's a high amount of certainty that it's going to happen; and they plan like it has no end.

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But, is it possible to put in the priority list "waking up to another day"? Think about it. How could any of your dreams and plans happen if you aren't even there to see it?

It's a fact that we can't prevent unfortunate events from happening, so before that time comes we should be able to live our lives up to where we can. What we can do is, first, be optimistic. It's not bad to be cautious but it would help if you were to be the whole day.

Second, learn from our mistakes. Remember, failure is not the end of everything; it's the beginning of something. Don't go filling up yourself with pity because it won't do you any good.

Third, surround ourselves with happy people. What's the use of you being optimistic when everyone else is doing the opposite?

Fourth, have patience. By now, we should have realized that some things take time. Be patient and we'll get your reward.

Last, but as they say, certainly not the least, be happy. Be happy because we all deserve to be.

These are just basic tips to help us on our journey but these tips would not work out if we refuse to participate.

Life is short so we must live it to the fullest, a cliché but true. Appreciate not only our own lives but also the lives of others. Next time when someone asks you what you are looking forward to, just say "Tomorrow's what I look forward to." And the rest will follow. Frances Aubrey B. Fernandez