"LAUS LUB PAMINTUAN DAca RENG MeMalen ning angeles KEN mayap a pamuno."

Translating these words from our Kapampangan language, they mean,

"Filled with sincerity, the Angelenas/Angelenos will follow you under your good governance..."

Expressing this powerful message to the city leadership was Bishop Pablo "Ambo" David, DD, in his enlightening sermon during the inauguration ceremony of Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan last July 1, 2010.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Peppering his talk with words of wisdom, our kind Roman Catholic Bishop Pablo "Ambo" David called out for summum bonum (highest good) in public service. Stirring our nationalistic spirit, like his famed brother UP Professor Randy David, the bishop encouraged every Angeles City official to render benevolent, benign and beneficial public administration. Affirming his idealism, he stated:

"Genuine and humble authority is needed today... let us tackle Angeles City's concerns like implementing an effective urban planning that meets the needs of our growing population...alleviate deplorable conditions in ecology due to the garbage dumped on our rivers and "esteros"...ensure that public places are free spaces..."

Listening to him on that unforgettable warm Thursday noon motivated everyone to be an excellent official, altruistic steward and a loyal citizen. Thereon, let us not ask what the city can give us; rather, what matter most is what we can contribute to our government.

Today, you and I stand tall as Angelenas who promise to help our leaders. On my part, I offer to coordinate with UP (University of the Philippines) stalwarts to assist us in accomplishing the goals of the Magna Carta Bill for Women. Yes, I advocate for women power in our city.

You and I are one in our desire for innovation. Let us help in revving up the lives of our sister/brother Kapampangans and enriching our city's denizens.

All of us can spark off the lamp of empowerment for the whole Filipino nation.

Mayor Ed Pamintuan

Championing the cause of valiant leadership, MAYOR PAMINTUAN, touched the hearts of everyone who listened to his inaugural address.

Exuding optimism, Mayor Pamintuan gave a stirring message; herein are excerpts from his talk:

"Maraming maraming salamat sa inyo...The overwhelming victory you have given me is most humbling...Consistent with my covenant with the Angelenos, I shall focus on these...

1. To work on establishing Angeles City as the "Education Capital for Central Luzon."

2. Active engagement with the youth as partners to good governance and development.

3. Upgrading of the facilities and expansion of the capabilities of the Ospital Ning Angeles.

4. Cultivation and development of a business-friendly environment for the city, particularly among tourism-oriented investments.

Agyu tamu...agyu tamu...agyu tamu"

How valuable were his lines of communication. Kudos to Mayor Pamintuan and his energetic team of city leaders.

Cheers to the simple citizens who love Angeles City with their compassionate hearts, convincing minds and complete esprit de corps (team spirit). Waving the banner of sincerity or "laus lub," they are heroines/heroes.