A NOTORIOUS drug pusher allegedly selling illegal narcotics to young clients in the city was nabbed recently in a raid by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

Anti-narcotic agents raided the house of suspect Clifford Remolar at 27 Magnolia St., Quirino-Magsaysay barangay around noon Thursday after months of surveillance.

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Armed with search warrant 517-01-10 issued by Baguio first Regional Trial Court Executive Judge Edilberto Claravall last June 29, PDEA operatives searched Remolar's house for shabu and marijuana, which he allegedly sells even to minors.

PDEA anti-narcotics agents found marijuana blocks, marijuana plants worth P400, and various paraphernalia for the use of both shabu and marijuana, like two forceps; a pair of tweezers; 12 lighters; and a pair of scissors, were also found in the kitchen and backyard. The three blocks of dried marijuana fruiting tops, amounting to P150,000, weighed approximately six kilos.

According to PDEA agents, Remolar was already in the target list of drug personalities in the Cordillera.

PDEA agents said although minimal pieces of evidence were only found in Remolar's house during the search, that still proves how deeply rooted he is in the illegal drug trade. Based on investigation, the suspect also offers his house to clients, at times, as a drug den.

His apprehending officers also noticed at least 10 tattoos all over his body, including three drawings of marijuana leaves.

Cases for violations of Section 11 or the possession of dangerous drugs; Section 12 or the possession of equipment, instruments, apparatus and other paraphernalia for dangerous drugs, and Section 16 for the cultivation or culture of plants classified as dangerous drugs will be filed against him. All these are violations stated under Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. (JM Agreda)