WOWOWEE host and comedian Pokwang believes that it is normal for both Zanjoe Marudo and Mariel Rodriguez to have an awkward feeling when spotted together.

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Pokwang, who is part of the upcoming movie "Cinco" under Star Cinema, said the tension between Mariel and Zanjoe is very normal because its too soon for them to talk about their then-relationship.

“Hindi naman talaga maiiwasan dahil alam naman nating nagmahalan naman talaga silang dalawa. Hindi maiiwasan yung tensyon talaga,” the comedian said.

MANILA. Pokwang believes it is too soon for Mariel and Zanjoe to talk about their then-relationship on public. (Sunnex/Glaiza Jarloc)
The entertainment writers pressed Pokwang for answers when she said during the press conference of the movie that there was no "unfaithful" from both camps.

She explained that no one between Zanjoe and Mariel tried to deceive the other party and the break-up was just really hard.

"Siguro dumating na lang sa puntong let's be friends muna," she said.

Pokwang, though always with Mariel on Wowowee, added that the young host is very secretive when it comes to these kinds of news and they were surprised when they saw the video interviews on television.

When asked on her kissing scene with Zanjoe, Pokwang doesn't know if Mariel and Zanjoe were still together when they film that particular shot.

The host shared that she called Mariel about the kissing scene and they were just laughing the whole time.

Pokwang predicts that during the showing of the movie, Mariel will still be laughing particularly on her intimate scene with Zanjoe. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)